A feature Friday & e-book

Happy Friday lovelies.  Anyone else have kiddos going back to school on Monday?  We are in the final stages of getting everyone ready, so I will be out in the trenches with the other crazy moms picking up last minute stuff and lets not even talk about the grocery store! ugh!

I have two fun things to share- today Debra over at Bungalow is sharing my home for her Friday Feature. 

Debra and I met at Haven when we shared a cab ride to the airport and had a fun time chatting about blogging.  Head on over here to see the feature-she was so sweet to share my home and had such lovely things to say- I teared up reading it!

And if your ready for Fall like me- there is a great little e-book all about Autumn front porch decor and features several bloggers including myself.  Its $6.97 to download and has some fun tips and photos all Fall inspired.

Well Im off to the Mall to find some Sketchers- shoot me now……


4 thoughts on “A feature Friday & e-book”

  1. jkeppel says:

    You had me at Sketchers… I will be going to the mall tomorrow with both boys in tow for them!!! The e-book looks great, I will check it out!

  2. BethA says:

    Oh, gosh, the mall. Yikes! Hope all goes well — and quickly! And, yes, I’m ready for fall. I live in Houston, too, and I’m pretty much over this stinkin’ hot weather. Oh, for the first cold front!

  3. Pyarandco says:

    Your home is simply fabulous. I love how you mixed lemon yellow and navy blue. So fun! Congrats!

  4. René says:

    Your home is gorgeous Amanda! All this time I thought I was followed your blog. Now I do!

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