HomeGoods find & some DIY Artwork

Yesterday I poped into my local HomeGoods and found this fun vase.  Im loving the shape and its a good size too.  I have rules I set for myself when Im out shopping for “accessories” or “thingys”- it has to be larger than 12″ to bring home.  I can get caught up buying tons of little do-dads and before you know it Im swimming in grannies-got-junk- or room dander as I like to call it.  By limiting myself to something large I can eliminate collecting useless clutter.  Ok enough jabbering here’s the photo of it:

And if you follow me on instagram, this past weekend I was getting my art-teest on.  I made some watercolors for my office.

And hubby and I tackled an art piece together on a large canvas.  It was fun to see how different our approach is to “art”.  Mine is all the swirly’s and his is the 3 angular lines, the ying and yang so to speak.  

Im really enjoying getting out the paint brushes and just having fun.  Even though  really think my kids could have done a better job at this than me.



10 thoughts on “HomeGoods find & some DIY Artwork”

  1. GREAT advice for picking up accessories, love the shape of your vase, I’m sure it will find its’ way into one of your beautiful vignettes!

  2. You guys make a great pair, I like your piece(s)! And great point on the accessories – I never thought of that but you are totally right!!

  3. BethA says:

    Room dander! Just did a spit take. So funny. Love the vase. Love the art y’all did!

  4. Simply LKJ says:

    I love the idea of having a size limit! Love the pictures you painted. I really need to get my paints out again.

  5. Catherine says:

    That is so cool that you and your husband made some art together. And I have to remember the 12 inch rule for accessories. Sometimes I think something will work, but then it just looks dinky in my house when I get home.

  6. a' la mode says:

    I’m stealing that size rule!!! Xoxo

  7. Love that rule – so smart! And your artwork is beautiful!

  8. You really have an eye and are just plain talented!!!

  9. Sita says:

    Love the artwork. I am thinking about attempting a piece for my master bedroom, but haven’t gotten the nerve to just yet. What a great rule for accessory shopping. I need to remember that one!!

  10. Wow!! Loving the art! So pretty and the color combos with the frame, super fabulous! I love the term room dander! Perfect description. The art is amazing girl!! You always inspire me!

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