A touch of Fall Decor

Well after reading all your amazing blogs out there with your beautifully decorated mantles, front doors, and tablescapes- you have inspired me to get my decor out.  I am usually on-the-ball when it comes to decorating for the season-but this year I’ve fallen behind (no-pun intended).  So here’s what I have so far its not much, but its a start:

Im keeping it simple- grocery store pumpkins and greenery from the yard.

Now none of you better start pulling out your Christmas decor!!  Hopefully by the time Thanksgiving is here I will have the front porch and the dining table done!

Happy Fall!!


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5 thoughts on “A touch of Fall Decor”

  1. Ha ha — I’m in the same boat, Amanda! Gradually working some fall in, too. Looking good!
    xo heidi

  2. Your chic little displays look perfectly festive!

  3. We all have to start sometime I guess. I like your little touches of fall that arent over the top. Just hints here and there. If the stores had their way we would be decorating for the Holidays now.

  4. Very nice! I’m heading up into the attic to dig things out today, but I think I’ll really scale back this year. Love your little grouping in the pewter tray!

  5. Sita says:

    I love how your fall touches are so organic. I haven’t even started to think about fall decor. At this point, we may just skip over fall and jump feet first into decorating for Christmas. I always put my tree up before Thanksgiving anyway. 🙂

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