Mixed Metals- Shop Ten25

Lately I’ve been obsessed with mixing metals and all the warmth it brings to a space.  While browsing my friend Abbe Fenimore’s amazing Shop Ten25 the other day, I was inspired by the vast collection of beautiful pieces she has available in her store.  I created this chic metro living space using pieces that can be found at her shop.  I have to say my favorite pieces are the greyhound wall art, the whippet dog statue and those black & white sequin chevron pillows- chevron-sequin, hello glamor!

 Sources all available at Shop Ten25
Pillows-Sequin Chevron, grey diamond
Cowhide Rug
Coffee Table
Candle Holders
Marble Tray
Silver Antler Side table
Table Lamp
Grey Chair
Side Table (next to chair)
Floor Lamp
Whippet Dog Statue


5 thoughts on “Mixed Metals- Shop Ten25”

  1. Michaela says:

    I’m a fellow lover of shop ten25! Great picks here, Amanda! My eye is really going after the graphic diamond rug. So great. May need to work that into a design soon!

  2. love shop ten25!!!! great picks. love the mixed metals too!

  3. Abbe Fenimore says:

    Wow!! I love that you were able to create a room from only Shop Ten 25 pieces!!! IT IS GORGEOUS!!
    Thank you so much for the love. We feel the same way!

  4. Sita says:

    I am a total fan of mixing metals and Shop Ten 25! I love the pieces you selected. I’ve mixed metals in my home and in clients’ homes. It is so funny how some people still think it is taboo to mix it up! I’m all for it!

  5. Melissa W. says:

    I LOVE mixed metals!

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