Client Project

Im so sorry I haven’t been posting much of late but its all for a good reason.  I have been busy with a few projects that are going to be amazing once we are finished.  One of the projects Im working on is a fun one! because we are lighten up the entire house!  The dark, bland, brown trim and all the built-ins are getting a fresh coat of Benjamin Moore’s Swiss Coffee.

(sorry for the bad phone pics)

Front door all fresh and white.  Walls will all be a creamy off-white.

Office built-ins BEFORE:


We have A LOT of wood to cover:

The pink & gray tile will be replaced with wide plank, hand scraped hardwood floors.

and a pair of these chairs will be making an appearance in the living room- are they not amazing???


So much more to do and share with you soon!


11 thoughts on “Client Project”

  1. It’s amazing what some white paint will do. And Amanda… Those chairs are gorgeous!!!!

  2. Ooooh, this is going to be worth the wait!! 🙂

  3. It’s going to be gorgeous, Amanda! Can’t wait!

  4. jackie jade says:

    Wow, that is sooooo much wood! But it already is looking better with the white paint! Excited to see the big reveal.

  5. emily says:

    It’s going to look amazing! We have an entire room with wood paneling that I need to get painted! Those chairs are fabulous!

  6. Decora Adora says:

    It’s going to be gorgeous, Amanda! These chair are beautiful

  7. Been missing you girl! I figured you were crazy busy with your fabulous magic wand! Enjoy and can’t wait to see the finished projects. Hugs!

  8. Wow that’s a big project! We all can’t wait to see the end result..
    That gray and pink floor really needed to go:)

  9. carol jane says:

    Looks great. Is all the wood trim and cabinets being sprayed or brushed on? Love how all the white is looking. I have the same color wood trim/doors/fireplace hearth amd mantel, and it bothers me each and every day. It looks old and tired, not pretty and happy. Maybe after the holidays i will talk my Hubs to painting white!

  10. That’s a lot of wood to paint (some pretty good fumes, I’m sure!). Love those chairs!

  11. Those chairs are stunning! Show stoppers. What fun!

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