Christmas decorating

Im still putting the finishing touches on my Christmas decor and tried all afternoon to get some photos-but unfortunately this dreary cloudy weather we are having is not helping.  Out of the 200 plus shots I took-these were the only two that came out half-way decent.

I found this deer last year at HomeGoods -he’s a nice size too!

I added the gold chevron lumbar pillow from Caitlin Wilson’s collection and LOVE it!  May have to keep it out all year.

So how about you-have you finished all your decorating?  Do you still have boxes stacked up against the wall like I do?  Im seriously contemplating leaving the boxes out because by the time I finish decorating its going to be time to put it all back up again. *sigh*


8 thoughts on “Christmas decorating”

  1. Laurie says:

    Love all the gold touches. Beautiful.

  2. René says:

    Love that big deer! Your home is absolutely gorgeous! Always a treat to see!

  3. K @ Shift Ctrl ART says:

    I really like that deer. What a great focal point. Love the coffee table as well.

  4. jackie jade says:

    that deer is so festive. and i would def keep that pillow out all year!!

  5. Just stunning….love your gold reindeer, am on the prowl for a few. Your room is so elegant and festive!

  6. I so hear you Amanda! The bins, the bins!!
    Your house is stunning!

  7. It’s beautiful! I love have you style keeps evolving and changing. Everything is gorgeous!

  8. Sorry, having trouble typing without glasses! I meant to type, I love how your style keeps changing.

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