WristSoiree Bracelet Winner!

Hello friends- well child #3 has now come down with this nasty stomach virus- so its official all 3 kiddos have had it.  Bad news is it last for 5 days on the nose, good news is I only have 3 kids-so this is last hoo-ra!   Oh how I will never ever turn my nose to those 24 hour stomach bugs- this one is a killer and I would not wish it on my worst enemy.

OK onto the WristSoiree winner:

Congrats Kimt !!!!-  email me your address info.  amandaeck@hotmail.com



One thought on “WristSoiree Bracelet Winner!”

  1. Hang in there! Hope this last one is shorter and you can enjoy a bit of your weekend 🙂

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