Updates around here

We are full up in Summer mode around here- sleeping in, laundry piling up, and wet bathing suits hang over the tub, I love it!!  But I still have been diligently working on finishing up some projects around here.

If you follow me on Instagram you probably saw my sad photo of when a “Workroom goes wrong” with my drapery.  I was trying out a new workroom for my business and decided to use them for the roman shades in my bedroom.  #FAIL  #LESSONLEARNED  

The photo on the left is how they came- frumpy, uneven edges, some shades were 1-1/2″ to 1-3/4″ shorter than the other.  The photo on the right shows what I “wanted” it to look like.  I will say they are being beyond nice about it and are doing everything they can to make it right, but my worry is when they have to deconstruct this it will ruin the fabric and let me tell you that Mary McDonald trim aint cheap!  So *fingers crossed* we shall see.  Thank God I tried them on myself first.  

I do however have another workroom who does fabulous perfection EVERYTIME.

Example:  These gorgeous things!  They will be installed in both my dining room and my living room.  The trim is by Kravet and its 3-1/2″ wide!  The drapery fabric is from a local fabric shop on sale and I bought the entire 40 yard bolt! Its a great nubby textured linen.  These are lined with black out lining (well worth the extra expense).  I cannot express to you how much more sophisticated a space looks with tailored drapes.

Many of you are probably asking about my other drapes (Schumacher Zimba) in the dining room- that I JUST recently installed. Well I shipped them off yesterday to a new home and I know they will be well loved!! (maybe if she’s reading this she will send us a picture of them in their new home).  *sniff*

I did LOVE those drapes but had to face the fact that they were not cohesive with the rest of the space.  My dining and living room open up to one another and having this print on ALL the windows in both rooms would have been a bit too much.  And lets face it- Im a neutral gal at heart- minus the injection of color–as seen above with my emerald green chairs.

Next week my sofa will be back!!  As much as I hated to see the cobalt blue go- it was in major need of a face lift.  The fabric had seen better days and the 70’s style legs were a “no-mam”!  

I bought this weathered wood console from Ballards to go behind the sofa and love how long it is!  And its very narrow- only 12″ deep.

So that’s the latest around here.  Next week I will be in Little Rock attending Tobi Fairelys Designer MBA camp!!  I am so excited!!!!


5 thoughts on “Updates around here”

  1. You have been busy! The new drapes and sofa table are gorgeous, and I can’t wait to see how your sofa turns out! That is so frustrating about the shades. I hate to pay good money to have something done, and then think I could have done a better job myself!

  2. Julia Konya says:

    I can’t wait to see the finished sofa but I honestly also did love it before. I want a blue sofa so badly 😉

  3. Mrs. DeVore says:

    Can’t wait to see your sofa! Hope everything works out with your draperies!

  4. So frustrating when construction isn’t up to standards. As designers, we’re always more discerning, but not unreasonable in our requests. Our custom sectional has taken 3 goes to get right, and I probably could’ve taken back a couple cushions for the 4th time. Love that trim and hope it doesn’t get ruined. Good luck!

  5. Love your blog and all of your creative ideas. I am a new follower. I came here from Pinterest looking for Table legs.

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