Coffee With…… Tiffany Jones


Coffee With Tiffany Jones


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Today I am once again excited to introduce another incredibly talented designer to you! I stumbled upon  Tiffany Jones‘ work last year and have been secretly stalking her website to see her latest projects.  Tiffany is from Dallas, Texas and her interiors are full of vibrant color and classic elements that are très chic!  Make sure you follow Tiffany on her Blog and Face Book.

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Tiffany Jones Entry


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Tiffany Jones Kitchen


Tiffany Jones Office


ACI: When did you know that Interior Design was your passion?

TJ: When I was in high school.  I took an Interior Design class and an architecture class and I was totally hooked! It has been part of my life in some form or fashion every day since then and it truly makes me happy.


ACI:  Where do you find your inspiration?

TJ: Oh wow!  I seem to find inspiration everywhere. As designers, we are always looking at the little details and I think, see things with a different eye than most people.   I might spot a pattern on some dishes in London that inspire the trim on some pillows or draperies or pictures of spice markets in Marrakech which might ignite a color combination for a new project.  One of my greatest learnings that inspires me every day comes from the years in lived in London.  Europeans approach Interior Design in such a unique way… they focus on beauty and creating a welcoming space…not so much perfection. Most American designers are perfectionists by nature so it is a good reminder for me.


ACI: What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site?

TJ: I love every single design book I have ever owned and my collection is always growing so it is hard to choose a favorite book but my favorite magazine is definitely VERANDA.  I love the way they approach their photography.  Hands down, PINTEREST is my favorite site!  Again, I love the beauty of the images and I find it ridiculously therapeutic…especially if I can do it on my iPad in a bubble bath with a glass of wine.  Heaven!


ACI:  What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one?

TJ: I would have to say delays from vendors frustrates me the most as I have ZERO control over it and it can make a huge impact on a project.   The most rewarding thing to me is when a client refers one of their friends or family members to me.  That not only says I did a great job for them, but also that they are confident in my work and the way I run my business. There is no greater compliment.


ACI: What decorating techniques/ideas/projects would you recommend to a homeowner who wants a quick update to their space?

TJ: Declutter! Throw out… edit knick-knacks…simplify!  While I am not a minimalist designer, I do try to keep a sophisticated balance of accessories that actually can make a statement.  For example, bookshelves do not have to be filled in entirety… leave some space on the ends, put only one thing on shelf if it is really great, and create some symmetry.  It will change the entire feeling of the room.


ACI:  What’s something you should never skimp on when decorating your home?

TJ: Upholstered furniture!  Always buy the best you can – even if means skipping on another purchase until later.  An investment in high quality sofas and chairs will truly last you a lifetime.  I have a sofa that is over 25 years old and has been re-upholstered 3 or 4 times and it is as if I bought it yesterday.


ACI:  What’s your favorite color combination lately?

TJ:  I always love the classy combination of blue & white.  However, I have two different projects right now where lavender is playing a big role.  I am really loving it’s freshness and have a new appreciation for the sophistication and elegance it can bring.


ACI: What is your most cherished possession?

TJ:  Tough question…I have lots of “things” that have a great story behind them that I really love but I think it would have to come down to two things… My wedding photos (my husband and I were married in Paris) and the first piece of art we bought together on our honeymoon.


ACI:  What would your dream project be?

TJ: My dream project would definitely be a London townhouse or a flat in Paris… and preferably, they would be mine!


Im with Tiffany- a flat in Paris would be divine!  (told you she was so très chic!)  Thank you Tiffany for sharing with us today!



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  1. The Glam Pad says:

    I absolutely adore Tiffany, who is a dear friend of mine from my Dallas days. In addition to being incredibly talented, she is also a class act. Such a lovely profile on a very lovely lady!

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