I miss my commenters….


Hello friends,


I miss you

Just popping in here to mention I have been trying to spend a bit more time on my FaceBook business page.  I am now updating it with more inspiration and eye candy.  I would love for you to follow-me on there if you are not already.  I miss the good ole days when people commented on blogs, anyone else feel like blog commenting has almost diminished?  I have been saying for months now someone needs to come up with a way where you can just click a little “heart” or “like” button under each blog post.  I often find myself reading blogs and just don’t have time to write a comment but wish I could say quickly “hey I read it and it was awesome!”   Which is why I LOVE Instagram, I will heart your stuff all the live long day!  So if you want to chat with me or see what I’ve been up to on a daily basis, please follow me on FaceBook.  I try and post things on there that you won’t see on my blog or my Instagram so it’s not the “same ole stuff”.  And please feel free to comment, I’d love to chat!!

****UPDATE**** My awesome husband just figured out how to add a “like” button to my post- its located at the top of each of my post!!!  Woo-hoo!!





12 thoughts on “I miss my commenters….”

  1. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    I have noticed that too. With FB and IG, comments seem to be slim to none…even on the bigger blogs. I follow you on IG, but do not have a FB account. Guess I will miss out on those using that as their platform now.

    1. Amanda Eck says:

      Lauren- and you are always so sweet to comment & like things on my IG. We’ve never met in person but I always feel as if Ive “known” you forever! xoxo

  2. KATHYSUE says:

    Omgosh I do too Amanda, it is so hard to write even though you know people are reading but the commenting is slim to none anymore. I think to myself, Boy, that is a good post I bet I get comments on this one and then the disappointment sets in and there are only a few loyal people that I soooo appreciate that comment. I loved the comradery that we once had in blogland, Now everyone is advertising and trying to become famous and only commenting on blogs that are really popular, in order to be seen. OMG I can’t believe I just typed that, but I think there is some truth to it. Thanks for posting this!

    1. Amanda Eck says:

      I hear ya! Kathysue I know its hard when you work hard on a post and there’s no comments, but I do have to remind myself that others are reading them, just not commenting. Which I why I wish we had a little “like” button like we have on FB & IG.

  3. Beverly says:

    Perhaps others feel the same way I do, in that it appears that everyone wants to be told that they are always right. Only yesterday I saw something posted incorrectly on a blog, but they stated before the comment section that they only wanted positive feedback. I’m not perfect, but this person was clearly wrong — so why lie to her when I know better – therefore, NO COMMENT. I am not a negative person but am only being honest.

    1. Amanda Eck says:

      Beverly- yes it can be hard to not want to “say” how you feel , but Im sure your heart is in the right place. Its always hard with social media/email/etc. to convey things correctly because you can’t see each others facial & body language. I can’t tell you how many text messages i have received from friends or family that we “read” the wrong way. LOL!
      Thank you for commenting here!! xoxo

  4. nancy says:

    i just joined instagram a week or two ago…its the new time waster for me 🙂 and i do think its true that more and more bloggers are keeping up through FB and IG rather than spend time posting on blogs because its easier to write one line than a whole post. blogland is evolving like each of us…i get it but i really do miss the blog days of a few years ago where bloggers were writing to inspire and share rather than make $$ through affliliate links and sponsored posts. i’m not in the design business and not out to make money through my own blog so maybe mine is just a different perspective. I’m rather just a lover of decor and design and i have to say while i love seeing snippets on IG i really miss blog posts that go into the design process, tips, and sources by my favorite bloggers like you 🙂

    1. Amanda Eck says:

      Thanks so much sharing Nancy. Yes I agree IG can be a retail time sucker! I’ve been such a bad blogger-I use to blog every day of the week, but with running my design business its hard to keep both going. I’m working harding to at least post once or twice a week. Thanks for reading & have a great weekend!!

  5. caren says:

    Yup – I’ve noticed this too. I don’t know what it is. Perhaps we’re all just over saturated with social media content these days.

    I do love your blog though! Big likes from me 🙂

  6. Arianne Bellizaire says:

    I feel the same way, Amanda! I wish I could click a button to let bloggers know that I had read their post and that I loved it without having to write a thoughtful comment (I’m so busy!!!!), and I know my readers feel the same. Ironically enough, I get lots of interaction on my FB page (maybe because of the like button), but my FB fans also tend to feel more comfortable commenting their as well. Keep posting away. Your work is not in vein!

  7. Nancy {at} Powell Brower at home says:

    Brilliant idea with the like button on posts! I feel the exact same way and have not been reading so many blogs in favor of IG- it’s less of a time committment and just as much inspiration! I have been looking thru your website and portfolio and it is beautifully done with fantastic work! Have a great summer. xo Nancy

    1. Amanda Eck says:

      Thank you Nancy!! Yes I agree I spend more time on IG for quick updates on what everyone is doing out there.
      Thanks for commenting!

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