It’s All In The Details: Window Treatments

Today we are focusing on window treatment details. Its taking the ordinary to extra-ordinary.

Its All in the Details

* Detail: Treatment of or attention to items or particulars.  Not allowing anything to slip by unnoticed,the minutest detail is given full attention.

 *excerpt from & Websters Dictionary

Details … I love them!  You’ve probably heard the saying before “design is in the details,” well I firmly believe that to hold true.  When designing a client’s space I pay special attention to the details.  One example could be a simple square decorative tray echoing the square brass drawer pulls on a cabinet.  You eye may also stop on the intricate wood inlay pattern on a table or the decorative handblown glass finial of a lamp.  Details are the things that tend to escape a quick glance but the longer you are in a room the more it rewards you for lingering.

Designers Nancy Evars & Dimitra Anderson of EvarsAnderson added beaded trim to these drapery panels, but what took them over the top was lining the panels with this vibrant tangerine fabric.

Evars Anderson3


I love the single-step extension to the bottom of these roman shades by designer Laura Tutun.

Laura Tuntun
Laura Tutun Interiors

A bold stripe down the center of this shade works in concert with bed pillows and artfully placed accessories.  Design by SB Long Interiors.

SB Long Interiors

SB Long Interiors

Another great example of adding contrasting bands of color to create visual impact. Design by Muse Interiors.

Muse Interiors

Muse Interiors 

Beautiful gray blue ruffled trim.

ruffle trim2

Sheffield Furniture 

This entire space makes me giddy!  But the key fret on the cornice board (or “pelmet” as we designers like to say)  is what makes this space.

Jamie Herzlinger Jamie Herzlinger

The nailhead trim and step-straight edge of this pelmet is a show stopper!

nail head header

Sheffield Furniture 

How about the fabulous scalloped edge of a panel from Ivanka Trump’s apartment with the contrasting fabric and trim.

Ivanka Trumps Apartment

Usually you see a contrasting trim or banded trim along the leading edge of the panel, this one has it at the top.

drapery top banded trim1

Image via: Draperies By Walter 

I absolutely love the dressmaker details of this panel with the covered buttons.

Button Top

Source unknown

How about you, what details would you love to see in the window treatments in your home?


3 thoughts on “It’s All In The Details: Window Treatments”

  1. Lauren@SimplyLKJ says:

    I am always amazed at what a little trim detail can do for a simple drapery panel.

  2. Patty Day says:

    Amazing what Details will do!!!

  3. Cheryl says:

    I’m a big fan of color blocking. The options are endless and I find that it’s a great option for my clients who are a little shy about an all-over patterned drape.

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