Coffee With…. Dana Wolter



Coffee With Dana Wolter

Hello friends!  We are so excited to get back to our “Coffee With” series.  I have some amazing  interior designers lined up for you this Fall and can not wait for you to meet them!  We our kicking off our series with the very dear, sweet, and crazy talented designer- Dana Wolter.  If you are not familiar with Dana– just you wait- you will be hearing and seeing more of her and her work as she was just named by Traditional Home, as a New Trad up and coming designer for 2014!  I had the pleasure of meeting Dana last year at the Design Blogger Conference, and her Alabama charm had me hooked!  If you live in Alabama you can catch Dana on the local stations NBC 13 Daytime Alabama and ABC33/40 Talk of Alabama.


Dana Wolter


Dana Wolter Kitchen


Dana Wolter Interiors Living Room


Dana Wolter Bedroom2


Dana Wolter Interiors Bedroom


Dana Wolter Entry


Dana Wolter LR3


Dana Wolter LR2


Dana Wolter office


Dana Wolter LR5


And here is a little sneak peek at of a current project Dana is working on- such amazing details!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 4.01.10 PM


ACI: When did you know that Interior Design was your passion?

DW: I have always had a calm feeling come over me anytime I was creating. Even as a child, I can remember this feeling when decorating or moving things around in my own room.  It wasn’t until I found myself making large notebooks of torn out magazine features from years back that it occurred to me that I really loved design. I would study them so much that I could visualize a certain picture when faced with a similar situation.


ACI:  Where do you find your inspiration?

DW:  I find inspiration in everyday living. I find it in nature, in fashion, in books, in color combinations…


ACI:What is your favorite book/magazine on design? How about your favorite site?

DW:  I am a huge Pinterest fan as it is a great way to collect and organize ideas. It’s taken the place of my old binders filled with ideas. I have also started using it as a tool with clients to swap ideas back and forth.


ACI: What is the most frustrating aspect of your job as a designer? And the most rewarding one?

DW:  The most frustrating aspect is when a client won’t take a risk. At some point you have to trust your architect and/or designer, especially if you cannot visualize something on your own.  The most rewarding one is when a client takes a leap of faith to step out of their comfort zone. These always turn out to be the best projects, because, after all, if you cannot trust your designer, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place.


ACI:  What decorating techniques/ideas/projects would you recommend to a homeowner who wants a quick update to their space?

DW:  Begin with a plan. Assess the space with a fresh set of eyes.   What bothers you about the space?   What do you love about it? What is the focal point in the room? Do you like it? If not, how can you make it better?


ACI:  What’s something you should never skimp on when decorating your home?

DW:  Quality upholstery- buy the best your budget allows.


ACI:  What’s your favorite color combination lately?

DW:  Lavender, bone, and slate gray


ACI: What is your most cherished possession?

DW:  I don’t really have one as I am not terribly attached to “stuff,” but if my house burned down, I would grab the built-in drawers in my foyer filled with family photos.


ACI:  What would your dream project be?

DW:  A beach-front home in Malibu. My clients would have great taste and would appreciate the fine things in life in a refined, subtle way.


Thank you so much Dana for joining us today for “Coffee With”!  If you would like to keep up with Dana and all her fabulous work you can follow her on Instagram and Facebook.



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