Hooked on Hexagon


Concrete tiles from SmithField Market in London


As a designer I see patterns and shapes ALL DAY LONG.  Even without realizing it, my subconscious sees shapes while I’m going about daily mundane tasks.  Like starring into my mug of tea and realizing after I had added my creamer it made the most beautiful concentric circles ever.  Or how the shadows from a shade tree made perfect linear lines on the ground.  And a recent favorite happened late one evening last week when my daughter and I were driving to get fro-yo.  We were at a stop light and she instructed me to squint my eyes at the traffic light and then tilt my head from side to side and watch the cool shapes the light made.  A girl after my own heart!  Just watch, your all going to try that the next time your at a stop light!

So today lets talk about Hexagons! I’ve been seeing them everywhere lately.


Patterned tile is hot, hot, hot right now.  In bathrooms, kitchen backsplashes, entry floors, you name it.

  Screen Shot 2015-01-22 at 9.55.30 AM

New Ravenna


This new pattern from New Ravenna has me weak in the knees.

hex black and white tile



kitchen hexagon backsplash

Tonic Living 

On floors

hexagon floors bathroom

At Home in Arkansas

hex carpet

Hotel De Seze


Hexagon on the ceiling and Octagon on the floors!  WOW!

Hotel Istanbul

House Hotel in Istanbul

wood hex ceiling

Source Unknown

And of course in wallpaper.  The famous David Hicks pattern we all know and love.  I prefer this larger scale pattern rather than his smaller scale one.

David Hicks Grand Hexagon

David Hicks Wallpaper

On some built-in cabinetry.

*EDITED* One of our readers kindly pointed out that this was an Octagon.  Now I think we need an entire post dedicated to Octagons, no?

hex built ins

Cote de Texas

So how about you?  Are you hooked and hankering for some hexagon?  Here of some of my favorite picks of hexagon pieces that you can incorporate into your own home.

Hexagon Collage

Cocktail Table | Hex Tray | Chest | Side Tables |Hexagon  Hardware


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  1. A Maple Tree says:

    The last one is an octagon 🙁

    1. Amanda Eck says:

      You are so correct! Thank you so much for pointing that out!!

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