What do you want?

I’d like you to stop for a moment and ask yourself a question. What do you want? I’m not talking about the easy things like a “classic design” or a “warm and inviting space.” Any good designer can provide that. What do you REALLY want? (and yes I have the Spice Girls song playing in my head right now)  I’d like to share a true story with you. One that transformed how I view the world and is foundational to how Amanda Carol Interiors operates.

A few years ago I joined my husband in London after he completed some business. Soon after stepping off the plane at Heathrow I was experiencing High Tea at Brown’s Hotel.





We went shopping for Hunter Wellies at Selfridges and I tried on the latest spring Fascinators ready for a day at the derby.




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It was a wonderful experience but not REALLY what I wanted. I don’t want to sound ungrateful. It was truly one “bucket list” moment after another. BUT … it wasn’t my hearts deepest desire. There was something I hadn’t voiced out loud.   Why? I was afraid. Afraid that what I REALLY wanted, wouldn’t happen. Have you ever felt that way? We all have at times, but sometimes you have to take a risk and ask.

Half-way through our week in London, at the crack of dawn, we hopped aboard the Eurostar and headed for Paris.


We didn’t entirely know where we were going but that was OK. My husband has travelled all over the world, so when I’m with him, I’m able to relax knowing he’s got everything under control.   After just a couple hours we arrived and it was glorious. We swooned over Macarons at Ladurée, admired fashionable Parisians dressed-up for a stroll and perused the peonies at Fleurs d’Auteuil.






But that wasn’t what I REALLY wanted. I wanted a handbag and I wanted it to be something special. Something that spoke personally to me and wasn’t something you could get back in the states. So I took a risk and asked my best friend in the world for a handbag and he said … Yes!

Across the street from Cartier and just steps from the Arc de Triomphe, I found myself stepping out of a taxi onto the sidewalk of the Champs Elysees. Crossing the threshold into Lancel, I saw shelf after shelf of beautiful handbags and for one very sweet moment I was in heaven.






And then I heard … “her.” You know her. The voice in your head that calls you back to “reality.” The one that says. “What are you thinking?” “This is ridiculous!” “You don’t NEED this.” And in an instant … the dream I’d had started to crumble. That’s when I saw my sweet husband with a smile in his eyes saying “Love you honey … go for it. Find something AMAZING!”


To be honest, I don’t remember much after that. The lovely attendants guided my husband to a comfortable area with sports car magazines to keep him occupied. He was content … and I was off. Gliding across the floor. Caressing the soft leather. Dazzled by the burnished metal clasps. And then I saw it. A handbag embossed with unique characters expressing the love Salvador Dali had for his muse Gala. And as I sit here writing this to you … I still have that handbag. I take it to meet clients. I take it to remind me of what I hope for them. For you.



So … let me ask you again. What do you want? What do you hope for so far down inside that you’re afraid to give it a voice? I want that for you. I want to be like my husband for you. So experienced with the journey that you can simply relax and trust that you will arrive where you want to go. I want to be like the Lancel attendants for you. Taking care of not just your needs, but your family’s needs as well. So you can be free to enjoy the process of discovering all the wonderful choices available. I want to be that handbag for you. The one that reminds you … Yes, “Amazing” still happens. It happened for me. It can happen for you.

What do you want?   I want to know. WE want to know. We’re in the Amazing business. Anything less … well it’s not what we want. Do you?