About Amanda

Beauty is a need.  I’m absolutely convinced of that.  Not just for me but for the world.  You don’t need to look hard to find it.  It’s everywhere.  Through the whole of recorded history, it’s there.  In music, literature, dance, theater and art.  Over time, I’ve learned it’s also in me.

As a young child I was surrounded by beauty in more ways than I could grasp.  My father was a graphic designer with a gifted eye for color.  My brothers danced to entertain others and purely for the joy of it.  The older of my two sisters stirred hearts and minds performing in theatrical productions.  My youngest sister assembled fashionable outfits so exquisitely that even today she draws clients from across our city seeking advice.  My mother … well … I took after her.  She believes, as do I, that the space you call home should be beautiful.

For longer than I can remember I was playing with colors, textures and light. When I was young, paint and wallpaper swapped places on my bedroom walls more times than I can count. As a teenager, wandering through the aisles in fabrics stores touching them and admiring the patterns and colors was among my favorite past-times.  Somewhere along the way I realized that the thing which I cherished and was as natural to me as breathing, was actually a profession.

Encouraged by family and friends I nourished the seeds of my craft in Art and Design classes at college.  There I learned the basics of color and form.  I discovered new insights into the pleasing nature of architecture.  I even stumbled across a branch of Philosophy called Aesthetics in which the ancient Greeks pursued the essence of beauty expressed in physical form.  I knew then I would become part of an ageless tradition more universally known as Interior Design.  As classes ended however, a deeper education began.

While pursuing my studies I met my sweet husband whose career ultimately started us on an adventure with lessons my classes could never teach.  Leaving behind Houston Texas, we moved nine times in four and a half years.  It’s amazing how the process of packing and unpacking focuses your mind.  What do you really need?  What is it that breathes life into your soul so that you can do more than just exist?  How do you thrive?  The spaces we lived in were so varied it’s amazing to describe.  Somewhere between the noisy Los Angeles loft, suburban Washington DC town-home, rural Pennsylvania carriage house, sophisticated San Francisco hotel rooms and eventually boutique London and Paris luxury suites I became intimately aware of the core elements your personal space must provide to meet your needs.

I started to blog about my ideas in 2008 and shortly afterwards family and friends began to ask for my assistance. With some experience under my belt and encouragement from those I’d helped, I realized it was time to start my own Interior Design business. So in 2010 Amanda Carol Interiors was born.  My passion in life is now sharing that hard earned knowledge with my clients.

This website is intended to provide an insight into my process and opportunity to glimpse into the results I’ve achieved for my wonderful clients.  I find a real sense of joy and fulfillment helping others create spaces that feed their souls.  Hopefully one day soon I can help you.