Guaranteed Happiness

Guaranteed. Happiness. Those are two words you don’t hear very often these days. When’s the last time you heard them said together?

At Amanda Carol Interiors that’s exactly what we offer in our “Love Where You Live Guarantee.” We are so committed to ensuring you are thrilled with the results you receive from our Full Service Design that we are willing to guarantee it. Not just initially. Not for a few days or weeks. We guarantee happiness for a Full Year.

At this point you’re probably a bit skeptical. You’re probably asking yourself a number of questions. Like, how exactly do we guarantee happiness? There are five key steps which ensure that happens. Let’s get right to it.

The first step to guaranteed happiness is this … we don’t take every client who inquires about our services. Over time we’ve recognized that we’re not right for every client and not every client is right for us. If you think about it, it makes sense really. Some clients are looking for “trend-setting,” over the top, brash designs. Others may be looking for something reminiscent of the antiquities wing in a museum. Neither of those are what we’re about. We focus on “Approachable and Well Appointed Designs.” Museums are nice to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Trend-setting is ok for this year. But what about next year? There are classic design aesthetics that provide a beautiful, high quality, magazine worthy space that can last well beyond the next shift in tastes. If that’s what you’re looking for, you may be just the type of client we like to work with.

The second step to guaranteed happiness is a heavy investment in learning about our clients. You are unique. Your ideas about what constitutes a life-giving, supportive space may share similarities to others or may be distinctly different. The rooms you are looking to change will be different too. Not just in obvious ways like square footage, but even in less obvious ways like geographic orientation. The light of an afternoon sun will affect the appearance of certain colors different from a morning one. Rest assured, as we spend time learning about your desires and your space we are working toward an outcome that everyone is happy with. You are intimately involved from the start and we work hard to keep it that way … which leads to the next step.

Our third step to guaranteed happiness is to keep iterating on our design until everyone agrees it meets the requirements we learned about in Step Two. There’s nothing special about this step other than a sense of commitment to getting things right. By starting with a design that meets your goals we have a solid down payment on ensuring you’ll be happy at installation day.

Our fourth step to guaranteed happiness is a strong bias for transparent communication. We think our customers want to be kept informed (see Step One). Once we’ve agreed on a design for your new space, we keep you updated on our progress in acquiring the pieces we agreed to. We won’t pester you and are happy to dial our communications up or down as you require. Our goal from the outset though, is to provide you with a clear sense of progress as we move toward installation day. You’ll know what to expect so that there are no surprises, unless they are the kind of surprises you asked for (like a way to get a higher quality piece of furniture at a price that stays within budget).

Our fifth and final step is to stay with you, long after installation is complete. We try really hard to exceed expectations and think of everything in advance. Things don’t always work out the way we hope though. Perhaps a piece of furniture has a construction flaw that only shows up after several weeks of using it. Or the faucet that looked great in the showroom that just doesn’t have the ease of use you need. Living with things over time provides the opportunity to confirm they are working as intended. If something isn’t working out for up to a year after installation, we will help you find a suitable replacement with no associated design fees. We want a space that meets your needs today and will stay that way for a long time into the future.

So that’s it. We think if we work with well-matched clients, listen intently to their needs, create a design that meets their requirements, keep them informed on our progress and stay with them well after we “complete” the installation, we can ensure their happiness … and ultimately yours.

Hopefully by now you recognize there’s a real likelihood we can deliver on our promise. We’re not naïve enough to think that everything will work out perfectly the first time. We can however provide a process that with enough investment in time, energy and effort brings a very high likelihood that over the long run you’ll be thrilled with the results.

There you have it. Not just our guarantee, but the process for getting it done. If you have any questions, please let us know. We’d be happy to help you create the space of your dreams.